Watch Harry Styles’ mesmerizing set for NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

The singer performed cuts off ‘Fine Line.’

Harry Styles recently stopped by NPR’s famed Tiny Desk to perform several songs from his 2019 sophomore album, Fine Line.

Backed by his touring band, Styles kicked off his four-song set with a countrified rendition of “Cherry” before segueing into “Watermelon Sugar,” a track which took him two years to finish. “I actually wrote it in 2017 while I was on tour for the first album,” Styles told the audience. “I was in Nashville on my day off and we went into the studio to kind of play a little bit. […] It’s probably the longest it’s ever taken me to finish a song. We kinda liked it when we first had it and then I really hated it for a long time. But it kept coming back into the mix.”

Styles then went on to explain the songwriting process for Fine Line before performing the deep cut “To Be So Lonely.” He wrapped it all up with “Adore You,” a song which the singer joked is about a fish. “I had this fish and I just really liked it,” Styles quipped, in reference to the song’s music video where he befriended a sea critter.


Styles released Fine Line in December. The record also included the tracks “Lights Up” and “Falling.”

Check out his Tiny Desk performance below:

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