Watch Halsey join The Chainsmokers on the Ultra Miami stage

The pop siren makes a surprise cameo in The Chainsmokers’ set to perform, what else, “Closer.”

At their set during the Ultra Music Festival in Miami over the weekend, The Chainsmokers brought on a very special guest: the person responsible for arguably their biggest hit, Halsey herself.

The singer-songwriter joined Drew Taggart and Alex Pall on stage to perform—surprise, surprise—“Closer,” the summer anthem of 2016. But to change things up, The Chainsmokers transformed the track from YA fantasy to a frenetic, drum ’n’ bass choon that’s as, if not more, ecstatic than the original.

“I’ve been waiting forever to play this next song. We wrote this song two years ago but I’ve been waiting to play it for you guys,” said Taggart as he introduced “Closer.”


Check out the performance here:

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