Watch Fletcher’s sultry video for “The One”

From her upcoming EP ‘The S(ex) Tapes.’

Fletcher has released “The One,” the latest preview of her third EP The S(ex) Tapes.

The New Jersey singer—real name Cari Fletcher—will release The S(ex) Tapes on September 18, having teased it with advance releases “Bitter” featuring Kito, “If I Hated You” and “Feel.” Now, her new club-ready R&B dance track arrives with a late-night music video filmed under red lights. As with the “If I Hated You” clip, the new video was directed by YouTuber Shannon Beveridge—who also happens to be an ex of Fletcher’s.

Fletcher recently described her EP to Flaunt Magazine as “pretty risqué but totally honest and vulnerable.” She added, “It follows the trajectory and story of the journey I’ve been on over the last four years. The complications of being in love and being in a relationship, still feeling like I need to learn how to be independent.”


She continued, “I don’t know that I’ve been as honest as I am right now, especially because it’s something that I’m currently going through and is currently happening. It’s not a past experience I’m reflecting on and have perspective now. I’m super in the middle of a break-up, and it really sucks. But I’ll be okay. I’m excited to put out music, it’ll help me.”

Aside from her solo music, Fletcher also recently teamed up with Niall Horan to cover Taylor Swift’s “Lover” for the Spotify Singles series.

Watch the video for “The One” here:



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