Watch Astrid S’ video for “It’s Ok if You Forget Me”

A taste of her debut album, ‘Leave it Beautiful.’

Astrid S has released a video for her latest single, “It’s Ok if You Forget Me.”

The clip captures the Norwegian pop singer exploring an abandoned home that’s filled with memories of her former relationship, represented by threads of string wrapped around various objects. She revisits different moments of their time together as she passes each item, from a feather to a polaroid, before finally putting the past behind and riding away from the house.

“I don’t feel empty now that you’re gone / Does that mean it didn’t mean nothing at all? / But I’ll tell you what the worst is / It’s the way it doesn’t hurt / When I wish it did,” she sings on the chorus.


“It’s Ok if You Forget Me” is set to appear on Astrid’s upcoming debut album Leave it Beautiful, alongside previously released songs like “Marilyn Monroe” and “Dance Dance Dance.” The album will arrive on October 18 via Universal.

Watch the video for“It’s Ok if You Forget Me” here:

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