Wanna One release mini-album, “Boomerang” music video

The K-pop boyband kick off their "golden age" with a mini-album and an energetic, over-the-top video for “Boomerang.”

This is the year their contract runs out, so Wanna One are ready to celebrate it with a big bang. The 11-piece K-pop boyband yesterday dropped their long-awaited mini-album, 0+1=1 (I Promise You), as well as a video for one track, “Boomerang.”

“Boomerang” is filled with thundering beats and shrieking synths. The video sees the band stomping around in a series of futuristic rooms and gritty basements, alternating between ‘dark’ and ‘light’ personas. “Fans would be able to see different sides of us in the new album,” said Wanna One’s Kang Daniel in a press conference on Monday. “We got more powerful and mature.”

Ever since their debut last August, Wanna One has grown to become one of K-pop’s most sensational acts. But as all good things come to an end, so will the group: Their contract expires at the end of the year, making 2018 their self-appointed “golden age.” And with 700,000 pre-ordered copies of 0+1=1 already in the bag, the boys are definitely off to a rolling start.


Watch the “Boomerang” video here:

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