VIXX’s Hyuk debuts self-composed “Boy with a Star”

It’s the boyband member’s first song as a soloist.

VIXX’s Hyuk is striking out on his own with the melancholic ballad, “Boy with a Star.”

The self-composed track is a slow burn—it starts off sparse with Hyuk’s breathy voice and piano accompaniment. The song builds as it goes on, adding an electric guitar, cymbals and a light beat.

“It’s about a boy who is clumsy and unfamiliar with the world and with love,” Hyuk wrote of the song’s story in the video’s description. “He looks up at the stars in the sky one day, and looks back on his past and memories.”


Hyuk previously helped compose of several songs on his group’s recent records, Eau de VIXX and Reincarnation. Listen to “Boy with a Star” below:

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