VICTON welcome spring with colorful “Petal” video

A cut off their latest EP, ‘Continuous.’

K-pop boyband VICTON have dropped a surprise video for “Petal,” a track from their March EP Continuous.

Compared to their past high-energy and choreo-heavy videos, this clip is more laid-back, featuring a soft color palette and dreamy visuals. VICTON, dressed in preppy outfits, perform the romantic song in a gorgeous flower garden as pink petals fall around them.

“Do you remember the flower petals flying in the spring breeze / If they wither again, just like that day / We’ll walk together, just us two / Love will come back like the spring day / That cold heart will melt down too,” the boys sing on the chorus. Member Byungchan, who suffered a neck injury last month, does not appear in the video.

“Petal” was co-written and -composed by members Seung Woo and Seungsik, while member Hanse contributed lyrics for the rap verse. The song appeared on Continuous, the follow-up to their 2019 Nostalgia EP.


Watch the video for “Petal” below:


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