Verivery return with loved-up single, “From Now”

Their sophomore EP, ‘Veri-able,’ is out now.

Rookie K-pop group Verivery might have only just debuted in January, but they are already back with their sophomore project, Veri-able, alongside a video for lead single “From Now.”

Their new five-track EP is infused with ’90s R&B influences, but mixed with modern dance pop sensibilities. Lead single “From Now” draws on new jack swing, ballad “All for You” recalls Boyz II Men while brass-heavy “Get Ready” borrows from funk.

A vibrant MV for “From Now” was released alongside the project. In the video, the boyband showcase their dance skills with sleek choreography on a simple stage with walls that change color. “I’ll say it directly / I like you and don’t know how to say it in other ways / What do you think? Be honest / Please tell me you feel the same as I do,” they sing.


Veri-able comes just three months after the group’s debut EP, Veri-Us. They hail from Jellyfish Entertainment, which is home to popular groups like VIXX and Gugudan.

Watch the “From Now” video below:


And stream Veri-able here:

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