Verivery face their clones in “Lay Back” music video

From their new mini-album ‘Face Me.’

Rising K-pop boyband Verivery have unveiled a visual for “Lay Back,” the lead single from their freshly released third mini-album, Face Me.

The flashy music video opens in an abandoned campus where member Kangmin stands, blindfolded in a pile of rubble. As he removes the cloth from his eyes, the video then cuts to the rest of the boys who encounter their doppelgängers in different parts of the school. The group eventually convene at a dance studio where they challenge their lookalikes to a dance-off.

Face Me is the follow-up to Verivery’s 2019 sophomore EP, Veri-able. Last August, they released their two-track project Veri-Chill, which featured the song “Tag Tag Tag.”

Watch their new video “Lay Back” below:


And stream Face Me here:


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