Verivery drop mysterious video for “Tag Tag Tag”

Hide-and-seek in a haunted house.

K-pop boy group Verivery have returned with a video for “Tag Tag Tag,” a cut from their newly released project, Veri-Chill.

The track rides on their signature new jack swing sound that characterizes previous songs like “Ring Ring Ring” and “From Now.” With bouncy beats and energetic synths, “Tag Tag Tag” makes for an addictive listen.

The single arrived with a horror-themed visual set in an abandoned building. The seven members play a game of hide-and-seek with leader Dongheon as “it.” When he finds the others, he snaps a picture and tags them on Instagram. However, things go awry in a twist ending with a touch of the supernatural.


“Tag Tag Tag” is the lead single from Veri-Chill, which also contains the funky dance pop number, “Mystery Light.” The rookie group previously released the EPs Veri-Us and Veri-Able earlier this year.

Watch their creepy “Tag Tag Tag” video below:


And listen to Veri-Chill here:

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