TXT adventure to a “Magic Island” in their new short film

The boyband encounter a fire-breathing dragon.

K-pop boyband TXT have released a 14-minute short film for “Magic Island,” a cut from their debut album, The Dream Chapter: Magic.

The film opens on the group as students who are transported to a fantastical island while on their way to school. While exploring the mysterious land, the boyband discover they have the magical ability to manipulate fire.

They celebrate their newfound abilities with a campfire and sparklers, but things soon get out of hand as flames start to engulf the forest. The video ends with the group lying unconscious on train tracks as a flame-breathing dragon flies overhead.

“Magic Island” is the second track from The Dream Chapter: Magic to receive a video treatment, following “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away).” The boyband made their debut in March with the EP The Dream Chapter: Star, which featured tracks such as “Cat & Dog” and “Crown.”


Watch the video for “Magic Island” here:


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