TWICE release gorgeous video for “I Can’t Stop Me”

A cut from their sophomore album, ‘Eyes Wide Open.’

TWICE have returned with a fierce video for their new single, “I Can’t Stop Me.”

The floral-themed video begins with the girl group emerging from a blooming lotus, and cuts to a face-off against their evil doppelgängers. The visual also features TWICE performing in a futuristic train station, as well as footage of a masked member riding through a cyberpunk-inspired world on a sleek motorcycle.

“I’m surrounded by that spot-spot-spotlight / As it shines on me, I’m swept into the darkness / I see the end, I know it’s not right / I can’t stop me, can’t stop me,” they sing on the addictive synthwave song.


“I Can’t Stop Me” is a cut from TWICE’s sophomore full-length album, Eyes Wide Open, the follow-up to their 2017 debut Twicetagram. Earlier this year they released their More & More EP. Prior to that, the girl group released the songs “Feel Special” and “Fancy.”

Watch the video for “I Can’t Stop Me” here:


And stream Eyes Wide Open below:

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