TWICE “Dance the Night Away” in new video

This is one deserted island you’d want to get stuck on.

K-pop girl group TWICE returns with a brand-new summer banger—and it’s got the perfect visual to match the sun-soaked anthem.

“Dance the Night Away” is an infectious and crazy fun dance pop track right off the bat, and it’ll have you on your feet, too. The accompanying visual finds the group of nine stranded on an island, but unlike Tom Hanks in Castaway, these girls seems completely fine with their situation. Adorned with floral crowns and matching white dresses, they have the time of their lives. Of course, no TWICE MV is complete without plenty of killer choreography thrown in along the way.

Since it’s release, the music video has already chalked up close to 20 million views in 24 hours. But it’s easy to see why plenty of pop fans are lapping it up. Enjoy and dance the night away to the colorful clip below:


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