Troye Sivan returns with new single “Take Yourself Home”

This vulnerable song is all kinds of emotional.

Australian pop singer Troye Sivan has returned with “Take Yourself Home,” his first solo release since his 2018 album, Bloom.

On Instagram, Sivan said penning this song was “a really scary moment for me—being this honest with myself about my happiness and my life and the way all the pieces fit together, or don’t.”

“Take Yourself Home” is a gloomy, heart-wrenching tune narrating Sivan’s inner turmoil that he hopes brings fans “some of the joy and relief it brought me during these crazy times.”


In a press statement, Sivan added, “I write these songs as a diary entry, then as life and places change and relationships change, songs can take on a new meaning entirely. Clearly that has happened for this song, with what is going on in the world right now.”

Earlier this year, Sivan co-wrote a song on K-pop juggernauts BTS’ latest album, Map of the Soul: 7. In 2019, he collaborated with Charli XCX on the song “2099” and with Lauv on the track “I’m So Tired.”

Listen to “ Take Yourself Home” below:



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