Troye Sivan burns up in video for “Easy”

His new EP, ‘In a Dream,’ is due out next month.

Australian pop artist Troye Sivan has released a fiery self-directed video for his new single, “Easy.”

The clip captures Sivan in a sprawling mansion as he sings about trying to get over a bad break-up. “I’m in still in love, and I say that because / I know how it seems, between you and me / It hasn’t been easy, darlin’,” he sings. He sulks around the estate, with his pet rabbit in tow, before setting himself on fire.

The visual also features scenes of Sivan performing in a David Bowie-inspired costume on a bright, ’80s-esque set, backed up by a band of drag queens.


“Easy” is a cut from Sivan’s upcoming EP, In a Dream, which will also include the previously released song, “Take Yourself Home.” The project is due out August 21 and is the follow-up to his 2018 sophomore album, Bloom.

Watch the video for “Easy” below:

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