TRI.BE come out guns blazing on debut single “Doom Doom Ta”

A fiery introduction to Shinsadong Tiger’s newest girl group.

Rookie girl group TRI.BE have made their long-awaited debut with “Doom Doom Ta.”

Co-produced by hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger (the creator of girl group EXID) and Universal Music Group, TRI.BE are a multi-national band featuring members from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. They comprise seven members, including Kelly Lin, who was formerly a contestant on the popular Chinese music reality show Youth With You.

On the confident moombahton-inspired “Doom Doom Ta,” co-written by EXID’s LE, the girls encourage others to embrace their true selves while also sending a lethal warning to their naysayers. “Look at me, they say they hate me but they wanna be like me / Fine by me, comе closer / Follow me, follow me likе this,” they sing, before the song breaks into an addictive instrumental chorus.


The song dropped alongside a neon-splashed music video, starring TRI.BE as a gang of fashionable gun-toting warriors. Watch the video for “Doom Doom Ta” below:

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