Tove Lo goes the distance for her best friend in “Glad He’s Gone” MV

How far would you go for your BFF?

Tove Lo has dropped a globetrotting video for her latest single, “Glad He’s Gone.”

Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the video opens with the Swedish singer stepping out of a diner to take a call from a friend who’s just gone through a break-up. Instead of just wandering the streets, Tove Lo ends up on an adventure around the world, crossing deserts, traversing icy tundra and breaking out from prison, all while still on the phone. The clip ends with Tove Lo back at the diner, with a new identity and hair color, as she calls for the check.

“Glad He’s Gone” is the first release from Tove Lo’s forthcoming album, Sunshine Kitty, due out later in 2019.


Watch the video for “Glad He’s Gone” here:

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