Tiffany Young reintroduces herself with “Born Again”

The K-pop singer had a hand in writing the personal track.

This isn’t the Tiffany Young you once knew. Darker and more intimate, her new song “Born Again” marks the singer’s personal and musical reawakening.

Young steps away from her bubbly K-pop persona on the new single, reintroducing herself to the world, scars and all. “Never felt this safe, in a foreign place / I used to feel so hollow, shallow, vacant,” the singer admits on the lush pop song she co-wrote, seemingly in reference to her time in South Korea as part of the supergroup Girls’ Generation.

In the accompanying video, Young has a new look to match her reinvention. No bright colors or elaborate set pieces here—the newly blonde singer wanders on a deserted beach in a striking white tulle dress, feeling every word of the powerful song as she performs.


“This song and music video was a very emotional and personal journey inspired by all the tragedy and pain I’ve had to mask with a smile throughout my career,” Young said in a press release. “‘Born Again’ is symbolic of my passion to always fight to grow from these experiences.”

Young also took to Twitter to announce the release of her upcoming EP, Lips on Lips, on February 22, with a special surprise for fans on Valentine’s Day. She previously released videos for “Teach You” and “Over My Skin.”

Watch the video for “Born Again” below:


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