The Chainsmokers drop new track, “Everybody Hates Me”

Yes, the jokes practically write themselves.

“I walk into the club like everybody hates me,” Drew Taggart repeats on “Everybody Hates Me,” the latest single from The Chainsmokers, released Thursday. Whether or not you take the line at face value, it’s still a moment of ironic self-deprecation for the American duo once labeled “the Nickelback of EDM.”

Not that The Chainsmokers haven’t yet dipped into the pool of self-pity to find inspiration for their tunes (case in point: every song they’ve ever done). But on “Everybody Hates Me,” the duo flaunt their imperfection and wear it like armor. “And I’m not trying to be like ‘poor me,’ I made it / I’m just trying to stay normal now that they know what my name is,” Taggart half-raps.

Lyrics aside, the tune is vintage Chainsmokers—saccharine synths, an ecstatic progression and an arena-sized drop included.


Listen to the tune here:

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