The Boyz “Reveal” smoldering new video

It’s the title track of the group’s first full-length album.

The Boyz have returned with a mesmerizing video for their new song, “Reveal.”

In the hypnotizing clip, the K-pop boyband perform intricate choreography on dark sets which feature a large moon in the background. “In the corner of your world, stay / The night is rising in your night / I’m down for your love, down for your love, my baby / I’m holding my breath underneath the moonlight,” they sing on the chorus.

“We wanted to show a sexy, charismatic [and] seductive side that we hadn’t shown before,” member Juyeon said during a recent press showcase, according to Soompi. “We only focused on the ‘boyish’ aspect before, so we wanted to showcase a cooler image this time around.”

“Reveal” is the title track of the boyband’s first full-length studio album. The nine-track record is the follow-up to their 2019 releases, the EP Dreamlike and single “Bloom Bloom.”


Watch the video for “Reveal” below:

And stream Reveal here:


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