The Black Eyed Peas want to start a revolution in “Ring the Alarm” and the gang tell you to wake up and stay woke.

Pop heavyweights The Black Eyed Peas are back, and they’ve got a lot on their minds—and they aren’t afraid to say it. Known for being politically outspoken throughout their career, the now-trio (lead vocalist Fergie officially left the band in August 2017) have returned to weigh in on various social issues, including police brutality, racism, and gun reform.

Defiant and rebellious, “Ring the Alarm” express some pretty bold statements as the group make their stand against those in power. “Villains in the White House, heroes in their coffins / Leaders double cross while we kneeling to our crosses / Who’s policing the police, why they stalking? / All lives matter ‘til your color is the target,” member raps on his hard-hitting verse.

The visuals paired with the rap-heavy track are equally powerful and eye-opening, too. The six-minute-long clip features a militant theme, presenting masked enforcers marching, golden raised fists and faceless individuals stitching the American flag.


Watch it below:

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