The 1975 share gorgeous animated “Don’t Worry” visual

The band imagine a utopian world.

The 1975 have unveiled a mesmerizing video for “Don’t Worry,” the penultimate track on their fourth studio album, Notes on a Conditional Form.

With the help of animator Rindon Johnson, the English band brought to life a utopian world where “sidewalks are made of packed earth and orchards grow on the street providing healthy food for all,” according to the YouTube video’s description.

In a statement, Johnson said that the song’s lyrics and gentle piano melody helped him envision a “permaculture city: one that lives harmoniously with the earth and encourages the slow stillness of being in direct dialogue with one’s natural surroundings.”

“I also didn’t want to do anything too over the top because the song demands something quiet and straightforward; a kind of direct address to another person,” the animator added.


In the clip, a man takes a stroll through his neighborhood, admiring the city’s skyline at dusk, when he accidentally catches a glimpse of someone dancing alone in his apartment. When their eyes meet, the pair of strangers instantly experience an unspoken connection.

The 1975 released Notes at the end of May after several production delays. The sprawling 80-minute album featured tracks like “People,” “Jesus Christ 2005 God Save America” and “Guys.”

Check out the video for “Don’t Worry” below:


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