The 1975 make a statement with memes in “The Birthday Party” MV

From Pepe the Frog to Momo to Qwop.

The 1975 have released a video for new song “The Birthday Party,” which you could take as commentary on our highly wired contemporary existences—or just an oddball fantasy filled with all your favorite memes.

In the uncannily animated clip, frontman Matty Healy submits himself to a digital detox experience, where he retreats to a natural paradise with memes any digital native is bound to recognize (think Pepe the Frog and Momo).

The video was directed by the same creatives behind the clip for The 1975’s previous single, “People.” In a press statement, director Ben Ditto said, “Matty and I have a shared fascination with the underbelly of internet culture and how that impacts modern life, and we looked to address this from several directions and created an engaging and beautiful piece of filmmaking to contain these messages and their performance in a revolutionary way.”

Before “The Birthday Party,” The 1975 released “Me & You Together Song.” They also put out “Frail State of Mind,” which they performed live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Both tracks, plus “People,” are expected to appear on Notes on a Conditional Form, their upcoming album due out April 24 via Dirty Hit/Polydor.


Watch the video for “The Birthday Party” here:


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