Home Genres K-pop Ten hottest K-pop releases of the month: February 2019

Ten hottest K-pop releases of the month: February 2019

Ten hottest K-pop releases of the month: February 2019
L-R: Tiffany Young (Transparent Arts), Minhyuk and Kihyun of Monsta X (Gramophone Media Inc)

Every month, we bring you a list of the hottest K-pop songs and videos that you need to check out. Here’s the inaugural list with our favorites of February:

“We Must Love” by ONF

“We Must Love” is the latest single from boyband ONF. With its rocky guitar riffs and rumbling piano chords, the moody dance track is a nice change of pace from the group’s usual catalog of upbeat singles.

“Dalla Dalla” by ITZY

Rookie girl group ITZY have made waves with their debut single, “Dalla Dalla.” The bold electropop tune, which incorporates bouncy synths and a catchy bridge breakdown, has already made it to number five on the South Korean Gaon charts and shows no signs of slowing down.

“Want” by Taemin

Groovy and bass-heavy, Taemin’s “Want” is a seductive single from the Shinee member. The song was released alongside an equally sensual video that features smoky sets and pulsating neon lights.

“Twit” by Hwasa

Mamamoo’s Hwasa gets feisty on her debut single, “Twit.” The husky-voiced K-pop singer inhabits a nonchalant character on the trap-influenced song, as the one who loves less in a relationship. It’s fierce, fiery and infectious.

“Piri” by Dreamcatcher

Hard rock and K-pop collide on Dreamcatcher’s “Piri.” The song incorporates heavy rock riffs and crashing drums, but keeps its commercial appeal with a radio-friendly flute refrain. It’s as unique as it is impressive.

“Cold” by Key, Hanhae

“Cold” is a bittersweet break-up song from Shinee’s Key, released as part of SM STATION’s third season. The mid-tempo R&B track features warm keyboard chords, soft percussion and tender vocals from the K-pop idol.

“Alligator” by Monsta X

Monsta X build on their dancefloor-ready catalog with the hard-hitting “Alligator.” The EDM tune and its accompanying music video were released alongside Take 2.We Are Here., the group’s latest album, which includes the Steve Aoki-assisted banger, “Play it Cool.”

“Allure” by Hyomin

Hyomin unleashes her mischievous side on the playful single “Allure,” which features a funky bassline, handclaps and a catchy whistle refrain. It’s the title track from the singer’s latest EP, which also includes the singles “U Um U Um” and “Mango.”

“God Girl” by The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is a project group comprising cast members from the upcoming South Korean musical stage production of Grease. Their debut single, “God Girl,” is a throwback to the ’50s, with its big brass section, rumbling drums and strong harmonies.

“Lips on Lips” by Tiffany Young

Former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young is making her mark with her first English-language project, Lips on Lips. Its catchy, loved-up title track was released alongside a fantastical, fairytale-like video.

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