Tei Shi’s “A Kiss Goodbye” is velvety perfection

Her sophomore album is due out later this year.

Electronic pop artist Tei Shi—aka Valerie Teicher—made her full-length debut in 2017 with the record Crawl Space. This year, she’s due to release her sophomore album, and has just released the new song “A Kiss Goodbye.”

The gorgeous track shuffles by on bossa nova rhythms, ushered along by Teicher’s whispery harmonies and delicate vocals, before dipping into a darker, trap-inflected space on the bridge. It was produced by Stint, who’s also worked with Gallant and Santigold, and draws inspiration from ’70s Brazilian pop and Spanish folk ballads.

“This song is about intuition—following my gut and my body more than my head,” Teicher explained in a statement. “It’s about learning from love and from giving so much of myself to other people, and coming out of it with a more selfish mindset, to save my love and my nurturing for myself.”


Tei Shi’s sophomore album will be out sometime later this year. While you wait for more details, listen to “A Kiss Goodbye” below:

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