Taylor Swift turns invisible in video for “Delicate”

What would Tay-Tay do if no one could see her? If her new video's any indication, she'd be dancing everywhere.

If her new video for “Delicate” is anything to go by, fame is a constant thorn in Taylor Swift’s side. The clip, released yesterday, shows what she’d do if she could escape the prison of celebrity: dance. Everywhere. Barefoot on the streets, in the rain, atop a hotel bar—you name it.

Filmed in downtown Los Angeles, the visual opens with rabid fans accosting Swift and her security entourage as they stream into the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. She retires into a room, gazes into a mirror and then, like magic, her reflection vanishes. Off comes her pop star façade—and sky-high stilettos, natch—as she twirls out of the opulent hotel and shakes it off all around the city, with no one the wiser.

Check out the “Delicate” clip here:


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