Taylor Swift drops festive yet homesick “Christmas Tree Farm”

The accompanying video is a sweet montage of old home movies.

Taylor Swift, who grew up on a pine tree farm in Pennsylvania, has released a nostalgic video for her new holiday song, “Christmas Tree Farm.”

In the touching clip, which is a montage of home videos from the pop star’s childhood, Swift takes us back to simpler days on the farm. The video also features her parents and her brother, Austin. “Under the mistletoe, watching the fire glow / And telling me, ‘I love you’ / Just being in your arms takes me back to that little farm / Where every wish comes true,” she sings on the chorus over festive sleigh bells and drum beats.

According to Rolling Stone, Swift only wrote “Christmas Tree Farm” on Sunday. She later admitted in a tweet that she felt that it was “weird to just wait a year to put it out,” and decided to quickly hit the studio and release it.

Earlier this year, Swift released her seventh studio album, Lover, which featured hit singles such as “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down.” The singer recently dropped “Beautiful Ghosts” for the forthcoming film adaptation of Cats, in which she portrays Bombalurina.


Watch the video for “Christmas Tree Farm” here:


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