Take in Robyn’s stunning video for “Send to Robin Immediately”

Lose yourself to dance—and love.

Over the weekend, Robyn dropped a new video for “Send to Robin Immediately,” which features mesmerizing scenes of young people in love.

The clip—directed by Robyn’s partner and longtime collaborator Max Vitali—captures tender, intimate scenes between lovers (of varying sexual orientations), from dancing together in the forest to sharing a long kiss on a basketball court. Its emphasis on community, movement and love makes it very much in line with Robyn’s previous video for “Honey,” the title track of her critically acclaimed 2018 record.

“Send to Robin Immediately” samples a late ’80s dance hit: “French Kiss” by Lil Louis. The fifth track of Honey, it was a contribution by British producer Kindness. According to The Guardian, its quirky title comes from the subject line of an email Kindness had sent Robyn in the middle of the night, when she’d asked him for more files for the 16th (!) mix of the song.


Watch the video here:

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