Take a “Dive” into new music from iKON

From ‘iDecide,’ their first release as a six-member group.

iKON Dive iDecide
Image: YG Entertainment

K-pop boyband iKON have made their return with a fiery video for new single, “Dive.”

In the clip, the group perform the country-influenced pop song in a dystopian world while surrounded by flames. “If you’re the fire, I’ll dive into it / I’ll say its warm and flare up / If you’re a thorny path, I’ll dive into it / I’ll say it’s soft and throw myself against it,” members Ju-ne and Jay sing on the chorus, over an infectious harmonica melody.

“Dive” is a cut from iKON’s new EP, iDecide, which is their first release since the departure of leader BI last June. In 2019, the group wrapped up their New Kids era with the song “I’m OK.”

Watch the video for “Dive” here:

And stream iDecide below: