Taeyeon drops repackaged sophomore album, ‘Purpose’

Featuring three new songs.

Taeyeon has released a repackaged edition of her sophomore album, Purpose, featuring three additional songs.

The refreshed version of the LP now opens with the self-love ballad, “Dear Me,” which was co-written by Jam Factory and South Korean hitmaker Yoo Young-jin. The rock-tinged “My Tragedy” and the triumphant “Drawing Our Moments” round out the new songs. The record also features the previously released songs “Four Seasons” and “Blue.”

In the accompanying video for “Dear Me,” Taeyeon sings about finding light in the darkness while exploring a dimly lit house. “Even if the night comes again, I won’t hide / I have myself by my side / To the sky that will start to brighten / I will become a spreading light and fly,” she sings.

Last year, Taeyeon teamed up with singer-producer Chancellor on the soulful ballad, “Angel,” and dropped a fiery video for her single, “Spark.”


Watch the video for “Dear Me” here:

And stream the repackaged version of Purpose below:


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