Taeyeon drops melancholic “Four Seasons”

Released along with the B-side “Blue.”

Taeyeon, the main vocalist of K-pop group Girls’ Generation, is back with the moody single, “Four Seasons.”

The biting, mid-tempo track layers the singer’s resonant vocals over guitar chords, light keyboards and jaunty percussion. “The four seasons come and go / I gave you my winter and summer too / You were my world but I’ll let you go / Did I even really love you?” she sings.

The song was released alongside a music video which features Taeyeon performing the track on four unique sets, each corresponding to a different season. The visual also makes use of split screens and intercuts title cards inspired by silent films throughout.


“Four Seasons” was released on Sunday night with the tender B-side, “Blue.” Since the single’s release, it has topped the real-time charts of all major South Korean music sites, according to Soompi.

Watch Taeyeon’s new video below:


And stream B-side “Blue” here:

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