SuperM make their highly anticipated debut with “Jopping”

The K-pop boyband features members from EXO, Shinee and NCT.

SuperM have finally landed. The K-pop supergroup—comprising members from EXO, Shinee and NCT—have made their long-awaited debut with “Jopping.”

“Jopping” is the lead single from SuperM’s new self-titled EP. The song is co-produced by the boyband’s label founder Lee Soo-Man alongside frequent EXO collaborators LDN Noise. It’s a glittering electropop monster that opens with bombastic horns and stadium cheers. “I don’t even care, here we will burn on this stage,” the group announce proudly at the top of the track. “Left to the right, we’re gonna make it, make it bang.”

The song arrived alongside a sleek music video. In the action-packed clip, the seven members of SuperM perform at a futuristic coliseum, travel through the desert in tanks and fly helicopters. Watch the video for “Jopping” below:


And stream SuperM here:

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