Sunmi’s new song “Lalalay” takes you on a trip

Watch the colorful music video here.

Sunmi has dropped a new single titled “Lalalay,” which arrived alongside an effervescent video.

The clip starts with the K-pop idol unzipping her way out of a suitcase, only to find herself in a quaint room with flowery carpets and furniture. She switches hairstyles to a bob, dons a pair of shades and dances with two doppelgängers as she sings: “Ladies and gentlemen / Welcome aboard / I’ll take you high high high higher / Don’t need to buckle up.”

The piercing horns you hear that build on the chorus? Those are a Korean wind instrument called the taepyeongso. The instrument was unexpectedly one of Sunmi’s inspirations for the track, as Soompi reports. She initially found inspiration for the track during a tour stop in Mexico: “Mexico is famous for its energy… [The fans] became one with the music without worrying about what the people around them were thinking.”


She continued, “I laid in bed and thought about how Korea is also known for its energy. Then I suddenly thought about the word ‘lalalay,’ which is about knowing when to really let loose.” I looked up the word and apparently the taepyeongso instruments were called ‘lalalay’ in folk music. I thought that that was a good starting point for the song.”

The former Wonder Girls member dropped a memorable music video for “Noir” in March. Her last EP, Warning, was released in 2018.

Watch the video for “Lalalay” here:


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