Sunmi turns into Catwoman in feisty video for “Tail”

The song was inspired by how animals use their tails to express emotions.

Sunmi has returned with her first single of 2021, “Tail.”

The ex-Wonder Girls member transforms into DC Comics character Catwoman in the video. After being left for dead by a former lover, the singer is brought back to life by a litter of mysterious and magical black cats, and she sets out to get revenge.

“We’re madly in love / Kiss each other like crazy / Rock your head like crazy / We’re madly in love / Kiss each other like crazy / Wag our tails frantically,” she sings on the sensual dance-pop song. Sunmi wrote lyrics for the song and co-composed it with longtime collaborator Frants.


During a recent press conference, Sunmi explained how the track came about. “Animals use their tail to express their emotions. They’ll shake their tails gently when they’re in a good mood and flick it hard if frustrated. I liked the frankness of this instinctive behavior and the word ‘tail’ just left a huge impact in my mind,” she said, according to The Korea Herald.

In 2020, Sunmi released songs such as “Pporappippam,” “Gotta Go” and “Borderline.” She also teamed up with JY Park on the throwback collab “When We Disco.”

Watch the video for “Tail” below:


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