Sunmi joins JY Park on new song, “When We Disco”

A nostalgic, ’80s-inspired romp.

JY Park has recruited his former JYP Entertainment signee Sunmi for his latest single, “When We Disco.”

The infectious ’80s-inspired dance tune, which Park produced and wrote himself, was paired with a vibrant music video that draws inspiration from films like Pulp Fiction and Saturday Day Night Fever. In it, Sunmi and Park play a pair of star-crossed lovers who meet again ten years later at a nightclub. But their secret rendezvous takes a messy turn when a terrifying mafia boss discovers their forbidden relationship.

“It was like magic / When we disco, when we disco / So, I still can’t forget it / I miss those days / When we disco, when we disco / Do you still remember as well?” they duet on the chorus.

“When We Disco” is Park’s first release of the year, following his 2019 songs “This Small Hand” and “Fever.” Meanwhile, Sunmi returned with a solo single in June, “Pporappippam.”


Check out the video for “When We Disco” below:


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