Sunmi dreams of her one true love in “Pporappippam” MV

The song’s title means “Purple Night” in Korean.

Sunmi has returned with a dreamy video for her new city pop-inspired song, “Pporappippam,” which means “Purple Night” in Korean.

In the video, the singer is transported to a hazy ’80s-inspired metropolis where she searches for her lover. Sunmi finds him in an abandoned power plant and the duo dance on a rooftop overlooking the city, before driving off into the night. However, it all turns out too romantic to be true.

“For me, this is the first true love song,” Sunmi said during a press event for the song’s release. “From ‘Lalalay,’ ‘Noir’ to ‘Siren,’ my music largely carried cynicism or ridicule of love.”


The K-pop star added that she wanted the song to create a feeling of “a breeze that cools you down on a summer day at sunset after a hot day and you are looking up to the sky at a café terrace. It gives you butterflies in your stomach and I wanted to sonically express those feelings.”

“Pporappippam” is Sunmi’s first single of 2020, following her 2019 songs “Noir” and “Lalalay.” Earlier this year, she released the track “Gotta Go” for the soundtrack of South Korean web series, XX.

Watch the video for “Pporappippam” below:


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