Strap in for Now, Now’s creepy “MJ” video

An ominous visual starring singer Cacie Dalager.

Earlier this year, indie band Now, Now released Saved, a sparkling pop album and their first record in six years. They’ve recently released a video for “MJ,” one of the album’s standouts.

It seems Now, Now have, like many other musicians, taken October as an opportunity to dive into the creepier side of things. Fans of Twin Peaks and The X-Files will delight in the “MJ” visual, which is a little nebulous—who is this person sending singer Cacie Dalager cryptic messages, and what exactly is she burying in the earth?—but undoubtedly spooky.

The video’s longer than the song, but don’t exit just as soon as “MJ” is done—be sure to stick around ’til the end. Watch it below:


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