‘Stranger Things’ starlet Millie Bobby Brown duets with Jacob Sartorius

Over on Instagram, the actress better known as “Eleven” and the social media sensation perform a cute cover of the latter’s single, “Nothin’ with You.”

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown and lip-sync master Jacob Sartorius on Monday took to Instagram to share a cover of “Nothin’ with You,” off the latter’s second EP. It’s not the loveliest clip you’ll see, but the chemistry between the teen stars alone is worth the watch.

The intentionally lo-fi video sees Brown flaunt her surprisingly sweet vocals while Sartorius strums an acoustic guitar behind her. The pair trade a few verses, and then the whole act collapses into a fit of laughter—clearly there’s something going on between them. But it all ends well, of course: They return to the chorus on the beat, flashing million-dollar smiles.

Brown isn’t the only Stranger Things cast member with a talent for music. Earlier this month, Finn Wolfhard—he plays Mike Wheeler on the Netflix series—and his band Calpurnia released a single, “City Boy.” We’re crossing our fingers that Dustin’s (aka Gaten Matarazzo) next.


Listen to the cover of “Nothin’ with You” here:

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