Somin of KARD releases solo track “Backseat,” featuring BM

Their second track together.

Somin of K-pop group KARD has released her first solo track, “Backseat,” featuring fellow KARD member BM.

On the alt-R&B song, Somin delivers dreamy vocals over a sparse 808 beat and finger snaps. “We can chill up in the backseat / Top down in the backseat / We can chill up in the backseat / I wanna love you in the backseat,” she sings. BM, who wrote and produced the song, jumps in after with a laid-back verse that references their group’s single, “Dumb Litty.”

“Backseat” is the latest release from the duo, who previously teamed up on “Trust Me” from KARD’s 2017 EP, You & Me. Earlier in the year, the group released the single “Bomb Bomb.”

Listen to “Backseat” here:



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