Sky Ferreira shares “Voices Carry” cover

Is this a sign of new original music?

It’s been a hot minute since indie pop starlet Sky Ferreira released any new music. But it looks like the wait is over—because the singer-songwriter’s just revived her SoundCloud account (it was in the hands of her label for a while) and dropped a cover of ’Til Tuesday’s 1985 hit “Voices Carry.”

The classic ’80s new wave jam is the perfect track to pair with the 26-year-old’s brand of moody pop. With her vocals soaring over the song’s “Hush hush / Keep it quiet / Voices carry” hook, it sounds fresh and familiar at the same time.

The cover also came with a note by Ferreira that clues fans in on new music. “I will give you one hint about my first two singles: There’s a fire in your street,” she wrote. Hmm… super mysterious.


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