Sir Babygirl claims “Everyone is a Bad Friend”

From her debut album, ‘Crush on Me.’

In anticipation of her debut album, Crush on Me, out next month, Sir Babygirl (real name Kelsie Hogue) has shared a new single, “Everyone is a Bad Friend.”

The singer laments fake friendships over a saccharine pop arrangement, featuring sparkly guitar riffs, a pounding drum machine and hand claps. “Everyone I meet I think is gonna die / So we shake our hands / And say our goodbyes,” she sings. “’Cause everyone I meet / I think is gonna die / But I’ll never know for sure.”

As the song progresses, Hogue suddenly flips the switch, admitting that maybe she’s the reason why her friendships don’t last. “I’m a bad friend!” she repeatedly yells before pointing out, “Well, look who’s counting!”


Listen to “Everyone is a Bad Friend” below:

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