Sigrid’s “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is the pick-me-up you need

A little heartbreak won’t bring her down.

Norwegian pop starlet Sigrid continues to deliver infectious pop tunes with her latest offering, “Don’t Feel Like Crying.”

Although centered on a break-up, the song is anything but melancholic. Rather, Sigrid takes her bad romance and turns it into a life lesson. As she puts it, “Wallowing in it would be such a waste / That isn’t gonna fix it anyway.”

Over an upbeat synth pop production courtesy of Oscar Holter, Sigrid learns to shake things off and take the high road. “Ooh, I dry my eyes ’cause I don’t feel like crying / Ooh, yeah, at least tonight no I don’t feel like crying,” she sings on the chorus.


“Don’t Feel Like Crying” will appear on Sigrid’s upcoming debut, Sucker Punch, out March 8. Check out the song below:

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