SHINee’s Key releases “Cold” for SM STATION

The track features rapper Hanhae.

SHINee’s Key has dropped “Cold,” featuring rapper Hanhae, a bittersweet break-up song for season three of his label’s SM STATION project.

The groovy R&B track features warm keyboard chords, soft percussion and tender vocals from the K-pop idol. “I said I’d go, I said I’d go back / But I can’t even keep this promise / I said I knew, I said I knew your heart / I’m just sighing over those words,” he sings. In the accompanying video, Key performs the song in the middle of a film stage, while dancers prance around him.

The boyband member previously dropped a video for “One of Those Nights,” from his debut album, Face. “Cold” is the latest track from SM STATION’s third season, which previously released Yesung’s “Carpet” and NCT Dream’s “Candle Light.”

Watch the video for “Cold” below:


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