Shinee release video for “Our Page”

The boyband pay tribute to late member Jonghyun.

South Korean boyband Shinee have just shared The Story of Light, the final chapter of their album trilogy. The record is their first since the group lost their lead vocalist, Jonghyun, to suicide last December.

The five-track EP features “Our Page,” a tear-jerking pop ballad dedicated to their lost bandmate. Now, it’s got a heartfelt visual to match. And you might want to keep a box of Kleenex close.

The clip follows the boys living their lives separately: Onew works in the studio, Minho rehearses on a movie set, Taemin exercises at the gym, while Key holes up in dark room playing video games. They look solemn, probably still in mourning. But soon after, the remaining quartet are reunited thanks to a glowing green light (identified as pearl aqua, the official color of the group’s fandom) that brings them all together. In the final group shot, we see a solo microphone where Jonghyun used to be. ?


Try not to cry as you watch the clip below:

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