Shawn Mendes reveals his two sides with a pair of new singles

“Lost in Japan” is the sensual, R&B-inspired Jekyll to “In My Blood”’s anguished Hyde.

Shawn Mendes recently dropped “In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan,” two new tracks off his forthcoming album—and they’re both worlds apart in scope and scale.

“In My Blood” is an emotional number inspired by the 19-year-old’s battle with anxiety. Mendes is low-key and in refrain on the tune, delivering verses that hint at his inner turmoil: “Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in / Sometimes I feel like giving up.” On the flip side, “Lost in Japan” is a playful, feel-good song about a romance that’s just about to take off.

“[Anxiety] was kind of something that hit me last year,” the Canadian singer-songwriter said when he introduced “In My Blood” in an interview. “Growing up, I was a pretty calm kid. I knew people who suffered from anxiety, [but] found it kind of hard to understand. And then when it hits you, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is crazy.’”


According to Mendes, his as-yet-untitled third album is nearly complete, but there’s no word on its official release date.

Listen to the two songs here:



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