Seventeen want to be your “Home” in new MV

The K-pop boyband slow things down somewhat for their latest release.

Seventeen are back with a chill winter vibe for their latest single, “Home.” The track is part of the EP, You Made My Dawn, which arrived yesterday.

“Home” finds the group leaning towards the EDM style of 2017’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” and last year’s “Thanks.” Composed by lead vocalist Woozi, fellow Seventeen member Seungkwan and the group’s frequent collaborator Bumzu, it’s a mellow track that features deep house synths and an intriguingly anticlimactic pre-chorus.

“The members of Seventeen contributed to the entire album by taking part in both composing and writing the lyrics, adding on to their genuine style and creating a stronger and deeper album,” said the video’s accompanying description. “[They] continue to display their maturity by exploring different genres and styles of music.”


Last month, Seventeen released a video for “Getting Closer,” which closes out the new release. You Made My Dawn is a sequel to last July’s You Make My Day, which included the single “Oh My!”

Watch the video for “Home” here:


And stream You Made My Dawn below:

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