Seventeen unveil comedic video for “Left & Right”

It sets the tone for their new EP, ‘Heng:garæ.’

Seventeen have returned with a fun-loving video for their new single, “Left & Right.”

The comedic clip follows the boyband as they try to launch a car into space, though it eventually crashes in the middle of an abandoned apartment block. Elsewhere in the visual, the group perform the song’s catchy choreography.

“The track ‘Left & Right’ is a message for young people who challenge themselves to reach their dream,” member Woozi, who co-wrote the song, told The Korea Herald. “They may be going left and right, not knowing what path to take, but through that period, they will later be able to shoot up to the sky with their strength.”

“Left & Right” appears on Seventeen’s new EP, Heng:garæ, alongside the previously released “My My.” The project also features the song “Fearless,” a sequel to their 2019 single “Fear,” which appeared on their third studio album, An Ode.


Watch the video for “Left & Right” here:

And stream Heng:garæ below:


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