Seventeen surprise fans with new song, “Us, Again”

Their new EP, ‘Heng:garæ,’ is on the way.

Seventeen have surprised fans with a brand-new song, “Us, Again.”

Dedicated to the K-pop group’s loyal fans, the dreamy piano ballad is led by the boyband’s vocal unit, which comprises members DK, Woozi, Joshua, Seungkwan and Jeonghan. “We sing together again, until that day / This path to you will never end / For every reason and this length / You’re the one that’s beautiful,” they sing on the chorus.

According to Soompi the lyric video for “Us, Again” was uploaded at exactly 5:26pm KST, in reference to the group’s debut anniversary on May 26. Last month, Seventeen released a self-directed video for “Snap Shoot” in celebration of their fifth anniversary.


Seventeen are scheduled to make their return with a new EP, Heng:garæ on June 22. It will be the follow-up to their third studio album, 2019’s An Ode.

Listen to “Us, Again” below:

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