Seventeen drop new single, “Just Do It”

The funky tune also marks the debut of a new, three-member sub-unit of the K-pop band: BSS.

There’s a new sub-unit within the K-pop boyband Seventeen. On Wednesday, Seungkwan, Hoshi and DK announced that they’re coming together as BooSeokSoon—or “BSS” for short—and shared their debut single, “Just Do It.”

The track is a head-boppingly cheerful one, full of syncopated beats, funky guitar riffs and plenty of “whoa-oh-oh”s. There’s a live video to accompany the tune, too. In the clip, the suited-up trio strut around the stage of Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium, busting out perfectly choreographed moves.

BSS, whose moniker is formed from the birth names of the trio, is the newest sub-unit of Seventeen. The 13-member boyband is already split into three—“Vocal,” “Performance” and “Hip Hop”—but BSS marks the first time a sub-unit is promoted independently of Seventeen.


Watch the video for “Just Do It” here:

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