Sam Smith returns with new single, “Fire on Fire”

For Netflix’s upcoming ‘Watership Down’ adaptation.

A few months ago, Sam Smith was tearing up the dancefloor alongside Calvin Harris on “Promises.” Today, the English singer-songwriter returns on a somber note with a new song, “Fire on Fire.”

Co-written by Smith and Steve Mac for Netflix’s upcoming mini-series adaptation of Watership Down, “Fire on Fire” is a powerhouse ballad in the same vein as Smith’s The Thrill of it All deep cuts like “Burning” and “Say it First.” The song tells the story of an us-against-the-world romance that’s full of passion and power. It op22ens with a moody piano before a symphony of strings enters, adding more drama to the production.

“Fire on fire / Would normally kill us / But this much desire / Together we’re winners,” he sings, nailing his signature falsetto. If you prefer an emotional Smith, then “Fire on Fire” will be straight-up… well, ?.

The song arrived with an accompanying visual, which features snippets of Watership Down. Watch it below:


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